Writing a novel in a year

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Writing a novel in a year

A novel in a year Louise Doughty He had just come from giving a talk to a group of sixth-formers and one of them had asked, "Why did you become a writer? Forget for a moment the loneliness, paranoia and financial insecurity, Being a Writer is great fun.

But there is a catch. You have to write. This is something that would-be writers sometimes appear not to have grasped. Like many novelists, I often give talks at festivals and a common question is, 'How did you get your first novel published?

What was your trick? Tell me your trick, because when I know it, I will be published too. The honest answer, I'm afraid, is, "I wrote a good book.

And if you want to be a published writer, you will have to write one too. Can you write a novel in a year? Well, yes, if you don't do much else and you work hard and are talented. But in actual fact, if you follow the column, and do the exercises I set yes, exercises what you will end up with will not be a novel, it won't even be the first draft of a novel, it will be a body of work, the raw material, which you may one day be able to shape and work on until it becomes a book.

How long does it take to write a novel? My first, Crazy Paving, was written while I was a part-time secretary, young and single with no domestic ties. It took me 18 months. By the time it came to writing my second, I was theatre critic for a Sunday newspaper, which meant I had all day to write before going to the theatre in the evenings: Dance With Me was written in seven months.

My third novel was sold on the strength of a one-page proposal when I was pregnant with my first child. I promised my publisher the book would be delivered before the baby but I was lying through my teeth. Baby arrived when I was one chapter in. My partner worked full-time and I had no childcare, but I still had to finish the book as we had spent the advance on buying a flat to have the baby in.

Honey-Dew was written in eight months while I was sick with exhaustion.We just made this little infographic to visualise the breakdown of using our novel writing roadmap to write a novel in one year.

Day Book Writing Challenge (click on image to print PDF) I’m planning on writing my first novel this year. I can’t wait to get started.

I think this is an excellent way to go about it. I can writ a little each day and at the end of 1 year I will have a novel.

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If I had written it stead of this comment, I . A Novel in a Year. A NOVEL IN A YEAR is a how-to-write book based on Doughty’s hugely popular newspaper column that takes a clear-eyed, frank and funny approach to the practicalities of novel writing and being a novelist. Anthony Ehlers invites you to join him as he helps authors write a novel in a year.

Through a series of inspirational, useful posts, he aims to get you to start and finish a book.

writing a novel in a year

Through a series of inspirational, useful posts, he aims to get you to start and finish a book. 15 thoughts on “ Your Two-Year Plan for Writing, Editing and Publishing Your Novel (However Busy You Are) ” Dr.

Kenneth R. Cooper says: April 25, at pm. Learn more about the One Year Adventure Novel, a unique high school English curriculum for homeschool. Your student will write their own novel in one school year!

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