This thesis discusses

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This thesis discusses

Nov 18, Doctoral thesis discusses graphene's potential Nanowerk News Since graphene was first isolated in with the help of Scotch tape, researchers have excitedly turned to the material to discover its potential applications.

A single layer of carbon atoms whose applications range from ultrafast electronics to biosensors to flexible displays, graphene is strong, light, transparent, and a conductor of heat and electricity.

But what can we do with this new material? As researchers across the globe peel away layer after layer of potential application, Milan Begliarbekov, a doctoral candidate at Stevens Institute of Technology, has found some unique applications for this distinctive material.

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Graphene is charged with possibilities for Milan. He has already published two papers on graphene in Applied Physics Letters in pursuit of his Ph. Both published articles have also been selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology. Milan's second article, "Aperiodic conductivity oscillations in quasiballistic graphene heterojunctions," establishes a new signature of Klein tunneling in graphene heterojunctions.

The research has applications in nanolectronics such as graphene field effect transistors GFETwhich have been shown to be capable of ultra-high frequency GHz operation.

Currently it is very difficult to measure ultra-high-frequency signals above 40 GHz by purely electronic means. However, Milan's research indicates that graphene nanoribbons can serve as all-electronic ultra-high frequency oscillators and filters, which would extend the possibilities of high-frequency electronics into new realms.

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Since graphene planes were first isolated, much research has focused on the material's applications in nanoelectronics, due to its high electrical conductivity. But researchers at Stevens have taken a different approach, pioneering applications of this unique material in optics.

Milan's research represents a fine example of this innovative thinking. As he works with a material whose greatest applications may still be unrealized, Milan says he enjoys the level of creativity he is afforded in exploring graphene's possibilities.

Working with Stevens faculty Dr. Stefan Strauf and Dr. As an NJAEE fellow from toMilan worked alongside teacher mentors in local high school classrooms to expose younger students to cutting edge science and engineering research.

As an undergraduate at Stevens, Begliarbekov took advantage of both the Charles V.

This thesis discusses

School of Engineering and Sciences and what would become the College of Arts and Letters to graduate with two degrees, a B. Having taken graduate-level courses in nanotechnology as an undergraduate, "I was already ahead of the curve," he says, when it came to searching for a graduate program.

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This thesis discusses several factors affecting performance improvement (effectiveness, efficiency, quality, productivity, budgetability, quality of work life, and innovation) for LAMPS MK III helicopter squadrons. Current non-financial measures for monitoring the performance of maintenance are examined and evaluated.

Doctoral thesis discusses graphene's potential (Nanowerk News) Since graphene was first isolated in with the help of Scotch tape, researchers have excitedly turned to the material to discover its potential applications.

This thesis discusses various aspects of theoretical high-energy physics. The first two sections describe methods for investigating QCD effects in e+e- annihilation to hadrons. The third section presents some predictions for various features of QCD jets. The fourth section shows that any fermions in the standard weak interaction model must have masses ~.

Doctoral thesis discusses graphene's potential