Thesis on meditation center

To actualize this vision, the center offers regular study and practice retreats, public lectures and short-courses as well as celebrations and ceremonies. Aside from the weekly programs and special events offered at our Frederick location, our Spiritual Director, Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin, also maintains an active travel schedule teaching at related centers and groups throughout the world.

Thesis on meditation center

However, none of nine subscales showed significant differences between the intervention group and control. Based on the literature [ 20 ], we anticipated that the stress subscale would have showed improvements among students with mindfulness meditation training.

Thesis on meditation center

A literature review of 14 medical schools that taught mindfulness to medical students and residents suggested that mindfulness programs were able to decrease psychological distress [ 21 ].

A possible reason for the lack of significant effect on stress in the present study could be a regression to the mean effect where stress levels are high at the beginning of a school term but will naturally regress to a low level once students are familiar with university life, regardless of whether they have enrolled in the mindfulness meditation program.

Another possible reason is that the mindfulness meditation program Thesis on meditation center offered as a mandatory course. Not all students were interested and engaged in using mindfulness meditation as Thesis on meditation center way to manage their stress levels.

Our findings might be different if the program was offered as an elective course where enrolled students are more motivated. Nevertheless, no control group was used for a comparison in the study. The effects of mindfulness meditation on elementary school students and university students may be different and will require further research.

Regarding the effects on cognitive performance, the mindfulness meditation course was able to significantly improve the accuracy of digital vigilance task, choice reaction time, and spatial working memory as well as the reaction time in digital vigilance task.

Improvements in attentional task performance were consistent with previous research [ 1112 ]. It is suggested that the process of mindfulness training can promote attentional stability by promoting a balance between a relaxed and vigilant state of mind and thereby enhancing cognition through a better ability to self-regulate emotions [ 23 ].

Moreover, mindfulness training may increase participants' cognitive performance by improving their mood and reducing mind wandering.

Mind wandering and mood disturbances can negatively impact learning and memory [ 11 ]. A series of studies on short-term mindfulness-based intervention on undergraduate students suggested that the associated improvements in executive function are related to the neural circuitry specific to the anterior cingulate cortex and the autonomic nervous system [ 24 ].

A few limitations should be noted when interpreting the results of this study. First, the group allocation was not based on random assignment. Although the factors with uneven distribution between two groups were adjusted in ANCOVA, other unmeasured factors such as sleep quality and usage of caffeine beverages could potentially affect the results.

Second, due to unforeseen computer issues, approximately half of the controls and a quarter of the participants in the intervention group were not able to complete the computer cognitive tasks as expected. Nevertheless, the computer issues should not be associated with the outcome.

Fourth, we used a binary variable to adjust for the experience in practicing mindfulness meditation. Information on the length and frequency of practice was not ascertained and therefore cannot be further adjusted.

Fifth, the P values obtained should be interpreted in view of the increased chance of type 1 error as a result of multiple comparisons of subscales of the CLEI and components of the computer cognitive task. Finally, the possibility of a placebo effect cannot be evaluated and future studies should consider the use of a sham meditation group [ 25 ].

"Transcendental Meditation and Mormonism" by Gregory C. Cherry

In conclusion, findings from this study are consistent with the notion that attentional performance can be trained. A one-semester mindfulness meditation course was able to improve learning effectiveness and both attention and memory aspects of cognitive performance among university students.

Effective learning and sustained attention and memory are important requirements for success and well-being in academic contexts.

Incorporating a mindfulness meditation course in the curriculum may be a feasible approach to improve learning effectiveness and cognition performance in university students. Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

All authors have read and approved the paper. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for preventing relapse in recurrent depression: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Mindfulness meditation for younger breast cancer survivors:How to write Synopsis for a Thesis Project. This article would be of great interest to the Final year Architecture students. Writing a Synopsis determines your level of understanding of the chosen topic as your thesis project. Spirit Rock Meditation Center, commonly called Spirit Rock, is a meditation center in Woodacre, CA.

It focuses on the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana, or Insight Meditation. A center for change, growth & enlightenment.

Offering many classes – psychic studies, reiki, law of attraction. psychic messages, seance and more! MEDITATION CENTRE, SITAMARHI.

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SYNOPSIS MEDITATION links our soul to the living world. Ignites freedom, inspires thoughts, instigates THESIS BY MADHAV SINGH BHARDWAJ GUIDED BY AR. ANOOP SHARMA Meditation Center.

Thesis on meditation center

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