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Organization[ edit ] Subcommander Marcos surrounded by several commanders of the CCRI The Zapatistas describe themselves as a decentralized organization. The pseudonymous Subcommandante Marcos is widely considered its leader despite his claims that the group has no single leader. Political decisions are deliberated and decided in community assemblies.

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Organization[ edit ] Subcommander Marcos surrounded by several commanders of the CCRI The Zapatistas describe themselves as a decentralized organization. The pseudonymous Subcommandante Marcos is widely considered its leader despite his claims that the group has no single leader.

Political decisions are deliberated and decided in community assemblies.

Background History[ edit ] The official name of the state is Chiapas. Chiapas painter Javier Vargas Ballinas designed the modern coat of arms.

Over the years, the group slowly grew, building on social relations among the indigenous base and making use of an organizational infrastructure created by peasant organizations and the Catholic church see Liberation theology.

The declaration amounted to a declaration of war on the Mexican government, which they considered so out of touch with the will of the people as to make it illegitimate. The EZLN stressed that it opted for armed struggle due to the lack of results achieved through peaceful means of protest such as sit-ins and marches.

The guerrillas enjoyed brief success, but Mexican army forces counterattacked the next day, and fierce fighting broke out in and around the market of Ocosingo. The Zapatista forces took heavy casualties and retreated from the city into the surrounding jungle.

The Zapatistas retained some of The ezln land for a little over a year, but in February the Mexican army overran that territory in a surprise breach of ceasefire.

Following this offensive, the Zapatista villages were mostly abandoned, and the rebels fled to the mountains after breaking through the Mexican army perimeter. They had also seized an important arsenal, the PGR stated.

Esteban Moctezumawith whom he had met three days earlier, the following message: Under the considerable political pressure of a highly radicalized situation, and believing a peaceful solution to be possible, Mexican Secretary of the Interior Lic.

Esteban Moctezuma campaigned to reach a peacefully negotiated solution to the Zapatista Crisisbetting it all on a creative strategy to reestablish a dialogue between the Mexican Government and the EZLN to find peace, by demonstrating to Marcos the terrible consequences of a military solution.

Making a strong position against the February 9 actions against Peace, Moctezumadefender of a political solution, submitted his resignation to President Zedillo, but the Zedillo refused to accept it.

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For these foregoing reasons the Mexican army eased its operation in Chiapas, giving an opportunity that Marcos needed to escape the military perimeter in the Lacandon jungle. Eliminate Marcos, and his social containment work will not only cease, but will give opportunity to the radical groups to take control of the movement.

They will respond to violence with violence. They would begin terrorist bombings, kidnappings and belligerent activities. The country would be in a very dangerous spiral, which could lead to very serious situations, because there is discontent not only in Chiapasbut also in many other places in Mexico.

Although Fox had stated earlier that he could end the conflict "in fifteen minutes", [21] the EZLN rejected watered-down agreements and created 32 "autonomous municipalities " in Chiapas, thus partially implementing their demands without government support but with some funding from international organizations.

Subcomandante Marcos in On June 28,the Zapatistas presented the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle [22] declaring their principles and vision for Mexico and the world. This declaration reiterates the support for the indigenous peoples, who make up roughly one-third of the population of Chiapas, and extends the cause to include "all the exploited and dispossessed of Mexico".

The declaration ends with an exhortation for all who have more respect for humanity than for money to join with the Zapatistas in the struggle for social justice both in Mexico and abroad.

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The declaration calls for an alternative national campaign the " Other Campaign " as an alternative to the presidential campaign. In preparation for this campaign, the Zapatistas invited to their territory over national leftist organizations, indigenous groups, and non-governmental organizations in order to listen to their claims for human rights in a series of biweekly meetings that culminated in a plenary meeting on September 16, the day Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain.

In this meeting, Subcomandante Marcos requested official adherence of the organizations to the Sixth Declaration, and detailed a six-month tour of the Zapatistas through all 31 Mexican states to occur concurrently with the electoral campaign starting January Accordingly, the EZLN had decided to unite with the "workers, farmers, students, teachers, and employees They proposed to do so through a non-electoral front to talk and collectively write a new constitution to establish a new political culture.

On May 3—4,a series of demonstrations protested the forcible removal of irregular flower vendors from a lot in Texcoco for the construction of a Walmart branch.

The protests turned violent when state police and the Federal Preventive Police bussed in some 5, agents to San Salvador Atenco and the surrounding communities. The following days were marked by violence, with some arrests, over 30 rape and sexual abuse accusations against the police, five deportations, and one casualty, a year-old boy named Javier Cortes shot by a policeman.

A year-old UNAM economics student, Alexis Benhumea, died on the morning of June 7,after being in a coma caused by a blow to the head from a tear-gas grenade launched by police.English. Important Notices. Français. Chiapas (Spanish pronunciation: (listen)), officially the Free and Sovereign State of Chiapas (Spanish: Estado Libre y Soberano de Chiapas), is one of the 31 states that with Mexico City make up the 32 federal entities of is divided into municipalities as of September and its capital city is Tuxtla important population centers in Chiapas .

Nov 03,  · The peoples, nations, tribes, and barrios of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) respectfully address the Mexican people and the original peoples and campesinos that wage dignified resistance against the megaproject of .

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN) often referred to as the Zapatistas is a revolutionary leftist group based in Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico. Since , the group has been in a declared war "against the Mexican state Ideology: Zapatismo, Libertarian socialism, Anarcho-communism, Libertarian Marxism.

The latest Tweets from EZLN (@EZLNmx). Los zapatistas tienen el arma más poderosa, la palabra.

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#EZLN Cuenta NO OFICIAL adherente a #LaSexta Declaración de la . Chiapas (Spanish pronunciation: EZLN forces occupied and took over the towns of San Cristobal de las Casas, Las Margaritas, Altamirano, Ocosingo and three others. They read their proclamation of revolt to the world and then laid siege to a nearby military base.