Sultan knish how to write about israel

You can have one or the other, but not both. There have been conflicts between the branches, but even FDR made a pretense of bowing to some outside authority. Obama never has, with the exception of the King of Saudi Arabia.

Sultan knish how to write about israel

sultan knish how to write about israel

The three-month old baby girl died when a Muslim terrorist rammed a car into a crowd hurtling her into the air and headfirst into the pavement. Her death did not take place in isolation. It was not caused by a tiny minority of extremists. Her blood was spilled on the street for the Islamization of Jerusalem.

The Islamization of Jerusalem is an international cause.

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It does not just come out of Gaza City or even Ramallah. Nor Doha or Istanbul. The politicians and diplomats of every major country demand the Islamization of Jerusalem. When they talk about a Palestinian State with its capital in Jerusalem, what they are really demanding is the restoration of the Muslim ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem in They are demanding it with words and boycotts.

But the Muslim settlers, on whose behalf they cry for the Apartheidization of Jerusalem, are writing their own demands with the blood of little girls. The baby girl was murdered to Islamize a city. She died as the Israeli soldiers had died reunifying Jerusalem after the Arab Legion had ethnically cleansed the Jewish population and as ordinary Jerusalemites had died at the hands of Jordanian snipers searching the city for Jewish and Christian targets.

The victims of those years of Muslim occupation included Yaffa Binyamin, a year-old girl sitting on the balcony of her own house and a Christian carpenter working on the Notre Dame Convent. Like Chaya, I was born in Jerusalem. Like Yaffa, I lived in a building targeted by Muslim snipers.

But the Six Day War had ended the reign of Muslim snipers over the city. The building where my parents made their home had been cheap once because living there could mean instant death for anyone looking out of a window at the wrong time.

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The liberation and reunification of Jerusalem had made it a place where Jewish children could play on balconies and Christians could repair churches without being murdered. That is no exaggeration. In one case a UN observer organization held four meetings to discuss an outhouse for local residents before condemning Israel for illegal construction.

It did not however condemn Jordan when one of its soldiers opened fire on a train wounding a Jewish teenage girl.

Muslim outrage over Jewish outhouses mattered more than the Muslim murder of Jewish children. Today the State Department calls the murder of that little girl a traffic incident while warning Israel that Jews living in Jerusalem will end any possibility of peace.

The great outhouse of the United Nations and the smaller outhouses of the foreign ministries of countries whose leaders tremble whenever Muslims grow agitated over a cartoon or a YouTube video fill the air with the vilest of substances whenever a Jewish family moves into a home in Jerusalem.

The latest firestorm exploded over seven Jewish families moving into homes that they had bought legally in an area from which Jews had been ethnically cleansed by racist Muslim violence in the twenties and thirties. Hillary Clinton did not come out of retirement to shriek at him over the phone when his party suggested that the killer would be receiving his 72 virgins in paradise.

Love of the Land: Sultan Knish - How to Write About Israel

No one objects when Muslim settlers build houses in Jerusalem or anywhere else.Dr Wafa Sultan: All Islam Is Radical! I have posted items about Dr. Wafa Sultan in the past (see links below). This amazing woman was . Aug 17,  · Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog Writing about Israel is a booming field.

No news agency, be it ever so humble, can avoid embedding a few correspondents and a dog's tail of stringers into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to sit in cafes clicking away on their laptops, meeting up with leftist NGO's and the oppressed Muslim of the week.

Mar 03,  · This blog and the articles I write take a lot of time and effort. Please Help Keep this Site OnlineAuthor: Sultan Knish. Oct 28,  · Maybe it is time for Israel to be treated the same (as others states) and also bear the same obligations.” His comments followed a rare visit to Oman by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which came days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas paid a three-day visit to the Gulf country.

Both leaders met with Oman’s Sultan Qaboos. May 14,  · This blog and the articles I write take a lot of time and effort. Please Help Keep this Site Online. My Pamphlets. if Israel’s military power were ever to be diminished to the point that the combined armies of the Arab world could defeat it, I believe there would be another Holocaust.

Sultan Knish, Author: Sultan Knish. Talk about your mixed feelings as a Jew or part-Jew or someone who has Jewish friends, at the sight of Jews oppressing another people. Describe the black soulful eyes of a Palestinian leader or terrorist or terrorist leader. Write up the settler children who are taught to hate.

Write about how all the guns make you uncomfortable.

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