Start mini pie business plan

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Start mini pie business plan

You may substitute 4 teaspoons of "pumpkin pie spice" instead of the cinnamon, cloves, allspice and ginger. But I think you get better results with the separate spices. I like a deep, full pie, so I fill it right up to about one quarter to one half inch from the very top.

It may start as a soupy liquid, but it will firm up nicely in the oven! Tastes the same, but is healthier. If you put the empty pie crust on your oven rack, with the rack slid partially out, you can fill it there and avoid making a mess while carrying the pie to the oven!

What do you do if you end up with more filling than will fit in your pie crust s? Of course, you can make another, smaller pie crust and fill a small pie pan It will be a crustless pumpkin pie that kids especially love!

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You can also use it in making pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread! You may want to cover the exposed edges of the crust with strips of aluminum foil to prevent them from burning!

Some people make their own crust cover by cutting the rim off of a disposable aluminum pie pan! Here is the finished pie, right out of the oven: I use a blunt table knife to test the pie. The one at left has already been stuck in the pie, and you see it comes out pretty clean, when the pie is done.

Step 12 - Cool the pie And enjoy!

start mini pie business plan

You can even freeze the pie after cooking it. I just lay a piece of plastic wrap cling film tight on the pie, after it cools down, then pop it in the freezer.

Later, I take the frozen pie out of the freezer, put it in the fridge for about 24 hours, and then either heat it in the oven F for about 15 minutes; just to warm it up or the microwave for a few minutes. Stovetop steaming - Place your steaming basket or grid in the bottom of a large pot.

You may need to add more water during the cooking. Add the pumpkin prepared in step 3, and get the steamer going. The cooking time is only between 8 and 12 minutes, depending on the range gas or electricand the pumpkin literally falls off the skin.

Pressure cooker - Place your grid in the bottom of the pressure cooker. Once it starts hissing, turn it to medium or medium high.

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Crockpot - Clean and slice the pumpkin and set the temperature to either high or low depending on how soon you are able to get back to the kitchen.

The crockpot is forgiving enough that the pumpkin can be left in it for a time even after it is tender, at least on the low setting. Turn off the crockpot and let the pumpkin sit in it awhile. A lot of liquid will be released as the pumpkin cools.Adopting a s theme, the American Diner intends to serve traditional foods, such as fruit pies and cobblers, freshly baked breads, pot pies, and other "home-cooking" with an eye toward health.

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Prepare a business plan which focuses on the concept, profitability and organization of your pie business. This should include detailed research on costs of pie production, market trends and a close examination of competitors.

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Coffee Circus is positioned to bring this to the Northwest Santa Fe area. To date it has been confined to the Central and East areas.

Coffee Circus will provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can. It's worth it to make a plan, rather than bang your head against a wall for months wondering why your business isn't working.

Set your prices correctly from the beginning. It's easier to start at the right level than to start low and then expect your customers to be understanding when you start raising your prices.

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