Solar power essay conclusion

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Solar power essay conclusion

Uses of Solar Energy The use of solar energy for space heating of buildings: The architecturial design of the buildings helps in their passive space heating using solar Energy. Following strategies are useful for passive space heating: Provision should be there for an insulating screen cover for cooling requirement in summer.

Note that no mechanical equipment is needed for passive solar heating. An active technology of solar space heating needs a collector to absorb and collect solar radiation. Subsequently fans or pumps are used to circulate the needed air or heat absorbing fluid generally water.

Water systems are more common than air systems as they offer better heat exchanger performance. The use of solar energy for the generation of electricity-photovoltaics: Photovoltaics PVs are arrays of cells containing a solar photovoltaic material that converts solar radiation into direct current electricity.

Multiple modules can be wired together to form an array. In general, the larger the area of a module or array, the more electricity that will be produced When the n-type and p-type semiconductors are sandwiched together, and irradiated with sunlight, the excess electrons in the n-type material flow to the -type, and the holes thereby Vacated during this process flow to the n-type through this hole and electron flow, the two semiconductors act as a cell, creating an electric field at the surface where they meet known as p-n junction.

It is this field that causes the electrons to jump from the semiconductor out toward the surface and make them available for the electrical circuit Advantages of solar Photovoltaics i Easy installation and maintenance ii Pollution free iv Viable for remote and isolated areas, forest, hilly, desert regions.

Disadvantages of solar Photovoltaics: The high initial cost especially of the silicon wafer is the major constraint in the widespread use of solar cells.

Solar power essay conclusion

Applications of photovoltaic cells and solar panels: Photovoltaic cells are used in watches, pocket calculators, toys. Solar panels are useful to light up a house, run an irrigation pump, operate traffic lights, etc.

Solar water heater consists of a flat-plate collector, with a black bottom, a glass top, and water tubes in between. The black bottom of the collector gets hot by absorbing solar radiation.

The heat warms up the water in the tubes. The insulated storage tank is placed above the collector, the cool water moves down into the tubes and the water moves into the tank by natural convection.The information presented covers topics from the description of solar power to the moral and ethics of using and creating solar power.

Our focus is to show the feasibility of creating and using solar power, the economic savings, environmental preservation, and how humans can coexist in this ecosystem.

investments in solar power plants, and IEA projections for give an enhancement of solar electricity generation up to GW (80% of which will be from photovoltaics, and the rest (GW) from solar .

Solar energy is used to power airplanes, houses, cars, satellites, and even the space rovers like they have on Mars. I reckon that in the future, we will be able to adapt this to everything. Trains, boats, and even public transport will be solar powered. Essay on Solar Energy.

Economical feasibility of large-scale solar energy collection Conclusion A deep analysis of the non market and market traits are key in understanding the benefits and costs for the PV solar power.

From this study, a method used in analyzing the value of the market for the PV solar power was displayed. In conclusion, this paper will analyze the future of solar power in regards to business and the long term effects this process will have on the world as a whole.

Solar energy is an effective improvement process that helps companies save money, reduce their energy output and enhance the environment. Disadvantages of Solar Energy The unpredictability of fossils fuels has spooked big players in the energy sector into exploring alternative, renewable and cheap sources of energy.

The biggest investment is visibly slanting towards solar, wind and hydropower. While hydropower still rules the energy world, solar presents a clear choice for cheaper electricity moving into the future.

Solar Power Extended Essay: Introduction