Pcb world production and market

Many game console PCB's are thinner than typical PCB's and flex with heat when game consoles are played causing solder joint failure.

Pcb world production and market

While each finish has its own benefits, in most cases, the process, product or environment will dictate the surface finish that is best suited for the application. It is recommended that the end-user, designer or assembler work closely with their PCB supplier to select the best finish for the specific product design.

Multicircuits' extensive experience in lead-free manufacturing of printed circuit boards has been instrumental in successfully converting countless projects from solder to a lead- free alternative.

Immersion Silver With the pending lead-free legislation impacting PCB manufacturing on a global scale, the immersion silver process is rapidly gaining popularity as the lead-free surface finish of choice. While ENIG presently has a larger market share, over the past 12 months more immersion silver process lines have been installed in PCB facilities than any other finish.

Immersion silver has a controlled thickness of micro inches and a shelf life of at least 12 months.

SAVINGS / BENEFITS: Back to Top 4. Best Practices in Simulation Upon capturing a schematic, circuit designers are able to utilize simulation in the form of SPICE and XSPICE simulation to predict the behavior of a circuit and analyze the effects of various components and signals upon the design.
PCB UPdate | News and Resources for PCB Design, Fab and Assembly Professionals With over 30 worldwide sites, Zuken provides the reach of a global company and the committed partnership needed to make you successful. Zuken's newest technology has allowed its customers to move from a board centric design process to a more effective product centric design process.

Silver is compatible with most assembly processes, is cost advantageous, and with its increased popularity, is becoming more commonly available. The typical Nickel thickness is 75 micro inches and micro inches of gold. Disadvantages include; limited availability, higher cost and this being the only surface finish that requires a two-part process.

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Also, if the process is not controlled, quality issues such as "Black Pad" may occur. Immersion Tin The immersion tin process has also been historically popular.

It provides a consistently flat surface approximately micro inches in thickness.

Pcb world production and market

This finish solders well, and is cost advantageous. However, finished PCBs have a limited shelf life and should be used within months. Many PCB manufacturers around the world have this process in place. It is widely believed that IBM was the first major corporation to give this finish credibility.

The thickness of the OSP finish is almost unmeasurable angstoms. The original formulas had a short shelf life of months and could only withstand one or two heat cycles.

By today's standards, this would be considered applicable only for lower technologies. The latest OSP formulas are far more robust and are designed for lead-free assembly. They can handle multiple heat cycles and have a one year shelf life.

If lead-free is not a concern, HASL is a very cost effective, reliable surface finish utilized in the manufacturing of lower technology PCBs.

The HASL process can add stress to high layer circuit boards which can cause long-term reliability issues.Before the the introduction of bottom-side preheating stations in the early 's, two of the most critical processes which are instrumental to successful SMT & BGA tasks at the bench were previously the two most commonly neglected: 1) Properly preheating the printed circuit board (PCB) before attempting reflow, and 2) Initiating a quick "cool down" of the solder joints after reflow.

Pcb world production and market

Global PCB market was valued at USD57 billion in , a % decline from , largely due to: 1) depreciation of Japanese yen, euro, and NTD against the dollar; 2) stagnation in saturated mobile phone market, continuous decline in PC market, and a plunge in tablet PC market.

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