Opeartions humanities war and society essay

Colonial India's involvement in the war has often been studied against the backdrop of the ongoing freedom struggle, the varying attitudes of the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League, and the formation of the Azad Hind Fauj under Subhas Chandra Bose. Moving beyond the claims of how Indian resources and soldiers aided the Allies in winning the war, this volume explores the complex interrelationship between the Indian armed forces, the Indian society, and the war.

Opeartions humanities war and society essay

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President Bush believed that the Iraqis to be free as they were restricted by their leader here. So if President Bush had achieved the support of the people, Iraq would not look like a country at all without support. In the other light, some of the Iraqis were indeed happy under Saddam Hussein, if President Bush sent troops there to tear the country up and turn it upside down, it would not help in any way at all except causing chaos.

The rest of the job should be left to the new government of Iraq. He could have supported the new government by providing arms, money food and not US troops after the change of leader. By doing this, he would be indirectly allowing the new Iraqi government to be independent and this would help them to mature and thus helping Iraq.

It appeared to me that instead of freeing the people, it turned out to be creating more trouble for the country and people. President Bush started the invasion as an act of self-defense. In the past few years, we had seen multiples terrorist attacks and the most major one being the destruction of the Twin Towers.

After conformation, it was proven that the Al Qaeda a terrorist group believed to be responsible for the bombing was supported by Iraq, and also there were rumours that the Iraqis had Weapons of Mass Destruction in their control.

President Bush wanted to find and eliminate the weapons of mass destruction and terrorists. Yes, I agreed that President Bush did not have many choices to choose from. In order to reduce the chances of another attack by the terrorists, and maybe the usage of the legendary Weapons of Mass Destruction, he had to send troops to attack Iraq for self-defense.

Yes, I believed that we had to eliminate the two subjects, but was it possible? After losing the Gulf War inthe Iraqis were hit severely and thus might not have the necessary equipments and facilities to build weapons of mass destruction.

Also, conformations of the weapons should be clear before launching a search of it. The conformation should not be dependable on just what people thought or said. It should at least be seen. Who knows that maybe the weapon of mass destruction might be the Boeing planes that were used to destroy the twin towers, so President Bush should eliminate all the planes instead.

Terrorists did not originate from Iraq, they could be found in many parts of the world, so why did President Bush want to eliminate the terrorists in Iraq only?

Opeartions humanities war and society essay

It did not mean that by eliminating all the terrorists in Iraq would bring more peace to the world. Other terror groups might react violently and there might be more destruction.

Instead, the US could have increase security and that would act as a psychological and physical barrier against terrorists from attacking the heavily secured areas.

This would this deter the terrorists away and less harm would be done to both sides. Internal security should be at a high level before considering attacking Iraq. President Bush wanted to end the Saddam Hussein government and help Iraq become a democratic, self-rule nation.

President Bush was using the argument of moral justice. He sent the US troops there to eliminate the leader and wanted to stop extreme tyranny, oppression and sufferings by war, as nothing else might work. President Bush wanted to save the innocent and was using the interest of altruism.

War might be needed here but according to the actions of the US troops, the argument did not seem to stand. As altruism emphasizes the value of defending the innocent, the US troops were not doing so. It was part of war ethics not to harm or kill prisoners of war. From sources on the internet, US troops who were stationed at Abu Ghraib a prison where POWs are heldtreated the prisoners of war in a very unrespectable manner.

And tortured to a certain extend. Also, he wanted to help Iraq to become a democratic, self-rule nation, I believed he did not have the right to interfere and thus starting the invasion.

Opeartions Humanities – War And Society Essay Example for Free

The kind of ideology a country believes in should not be depended by other countries. A country should have the right to rule itself and ultimately benefit its people. Going back to the 20th century, we could clearly see how did the US tried to promote democracy and eliminate communism.The Business Operations team at Google plays a critical role in defining and driving strategic, operational, and organizational improvements across the company.

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I’m looking for Humanities Discuss the impact of World War I on the avant-garde and the arts of the period. social conditions and attitudes of a given period in time that helps us to better understand the basic fundamentals of. Why Study the Humanities? final exam essay by Renea Roth.

Having learned more about the myths and stories of Western civilization, I am understanding more how study of the humanities (art, history, and literature) can be used to help people better understand and communicate with one another.

Final Essay – Humanities Meaning is a symbolically-charged idea - it is an idea that is embodied and conveyed by a certain representation, a symbol, whether these symbols are objects or words. Meaning therefore gives sense and significance to ‘things’ that would otherwise be absurd of nature.

The humanities is a broad academic discipline concerned with how the people throughout history have expressed, confronted, understood the complexity of human values or conditions. humanities essay. This ties into humanities true hypocritical nature towards the society they live in.

Accor Word Count: ;/5(10). Humanities Essay. Humanities are academic disciplines that use analytical, speculative, or critical methods to study human conditions. They include subjects such as history, literature, modern and ancient languages, and religion.

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