Narrative of lavinia bell and letter

By tradition he was one of the handsomest men in southern France.

Narrative of lavinia bell and letter

When she arrived at Rouses Point, New York's northernmost port on Lake Champlain, a kind man performed the "Christian act" of paying her train fare to Montreal.

Narrative of lavinia bell and letter

This is an abridged account of her escape: Narrative of the Escape of a poor Negro Woman from Slavery From the Montreal Gazette We lay before our readers to-day a brief account of the sufferings of a poor woman from the lips of the woman herself.

Born in Washington of free parents, while yet an infant stolen, she was taken down to Galveston, Texas, the property of William Whirl.

She was brought up as a show girl, taught to dance, sing, cackle like a hen, or crow like rooster, sent into the cotton field with no clothes whatever, exposed to the glare of a southern sun, harnessed to a plough.

She often attempted to escape, but, having no knowledge of the way, was easily overtaken. She and her husband made an unsuccessful attempt. The poor man was shockingly beaten and died. Her mistress, Polly Whirl, at last told her of Canada, that refuge for the hunted fugitive, and pointed out to her the North Star as her guide by night.

This, of course, was done without the knowledge of the brute Whirl. She again started, subsisting on herbs and nuts, gave birth to twin children, one of them dead. Her master, having some difficulty proving her identity, slit both her ears, then branded her on the back of her left hand with a hot iron, cut off with an axe the little finger and bone of her right hand, searing the wound with a hot iron, branded her on the stomach with a letter.

They took her child from her. Again she got away, traveling through Ohio to New York State. When near Rouses Point, some man performed the Christian act of paying her way to Montreal by railroad, and on Monday evening last she arrived here, was brought to the house of a man of her own race, Mr.

Cook, in a state of perfect destitution. Her object now is to earn money to support herself, and raise enough to purchase the freedom of her child. The poor woman is still very ill, but is receiving every medical attendance from Dr.

The series provides examples of:

Reddy, who will continue his attendance as long as necessary. Reddy reported, I was requested by Mr. Cook to call and see a Negro woman who had arrived the previous day in Montreal, he telling me she was very ill from injuries she had received while a slave.

On visiting the woman, she complained of severe pain in her right side, cause as she said, by a violent wrench which she had received at the hands of her owners.

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On making examination I found her body very much distorted, her spine curbed towards the right side and the ribs forced completely in the same direction, having a very bulged appearance. I also found the following marks of ill treatment on her person. Altogether she presents a most pitiable appearance.

Bud Jones of Brockville, Ontario, has a proud addendum to the story: The person who aided her in her flight was young George Edward Jones, My Great-Grandfather's younger brother whose off-spring still reside in Montreal.

And who had made many journeys back to the States as a conductor on the UGR. She later became "Granny" Johnston to the community, and had inherited all of the Cook property which included a large Country home in Plage Laval, just on the outskirts of Montreal.

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On April 12,a lease for a one-story wooden dwelling at 4 St.SIR: - I received a pamphlet, or a Narrative, so called on the title-page, of the Life of William W. Brown, a fugitive slave, purporting to have been written by himself; and in his book I see a letter from you to said William W.

Brown. Emigrants to Oregon in c ompiled by Stephenie Flora copyright Note: members of the second, third and fourth groupsare noted with the group number preceding their names.

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Recap, Lavinia Bell was born free, stolen as an infant from her parents in Washington and enslaved in Texas by the Whirl ashio-midori.comd to be a performer and probably viewed Polly Whirl (wife of the sadistic William, owner of the property in Galveston, Texas) as a maternal she becomes a teen Bell is forced into new labor, naked.

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