Jim brown

Brown credits his self-reliance to having grown up on [St. Simons's island, an all-black community off the coast of Georgia where he was raised by his grandmother and where racism did not affect him directly. At the age of 8 he moved to Manhasset, N.

Jim brown

What was the transition from football to acting like? What was Raquel Welch like? The biggest thing one had to work on Jim brown acceptance, because it was a new industry. If I went in as a professional football player and didn't have the right attitude, I wouldn't have been accepted.

It was a very interesting transition and I had some Jim brown good guys to work with to make it easier. Kevin Miami You've been very active in charity work since you retired. How important is that work, especially what you're doing this weekend with the UAF?

It's what I love to do and it's what I do. I'm trying to expand to help other organizations and create unity among organizations and pinpoint stopping violence and increasing education, literacy.

Kevin Jersey Are you surprised by the recent advent of Lacrosse programs across the country. Did you enjoy playing Lacrosse as much as you did football? I loved the game. I'm happy that it's popular now and it's growing. It's a great game. I was fortunate enough to start playing when I was in junior high and get command of my stickwork.

We had a great team at Syracuse. I don't compare sports, except golf. I enjoy that most of all. I made a mistake with Ray Nietchske. Instead of outjumping him, I waited and gave him a chance to jump and get the pass.

It's amazing, I remember more what I didn't do than what I did. Thanks for taking our questions.

Jim brown

What was your favorite movie that you acted in and why? Thanks for the memories. Jim Brown The Dirty Dozen. Matt Porter Dayton Ohio The Browns have never fully recovered from your ealy retirement, do you think the Browns draft this year could turn it around if they got another strong running back like you?

Do you think Trent Richardson could have the type of stats at Cleveland that you had in your 9 year career there? Jim Brown I think the Browns needs some things other than running backs.

Kyle VA Do you think today's professional athletes do enough to give back to the community? Jim Brown Not as a whole, no.

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Tim Pitt I am always interested in hearing if former greats still keep up with their college. Do you still keep up with Syracuse football? If yes, is it hard to look on as the program has struggled over the last decade? Also, are you excited that Syracuse is going to the ACC?

It's really irrelevant to me where they go. I think the inside politics says it's going to be an advantage to Syracuse, but I'm not an insider to the politics, so I don't think it will make a difference.

I just want them to win. Andy Missouri If you could play for any team today who would it be?Dec 03,  · The Daily News commissioned a member blue-ribbon panel of NFL experts to vote on their top 30 players of all time.

From that list, we compiled the top 50 vote-getters. Spike Lee's documentary on the football star, movie actor, and social activist is a no-frills examination of a man who has rarely been out of the public spotlight for over 45 years%(14).

The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Jim Brown of the Clemson Tigers. Jim Brown full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Jim Brown biography, married, divorce, wife, movies, net worth, children | Jim Brown was born on February 17, in St.

Jim brown

Simons, Georgia. Brown is a former American football fullback who played for the Cleveland Browns in the National Football league. Aug 28,  · Brown's remarks echoed some made by NFL executives, including 49ers general manager John Lynch, who have wondered if Kaepernick is .

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