Domestic violence among african americans essay

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Domestic violence among african americans essay

Violence Against Women of Color43 Stan. There is often a strong degree of adult ambivalence, as most parents seem unable to cope with choices and the consequences their children make. This ambivalence has a strong effect on young males who perceive any adult intervention as "police power.

Also, increased crime rates have caused police to believe they must randomly stop and search young people. Therefore, on a daily basis, young black men are confronted with the assumption that they are bad and dangerous. Adolescent development includes stages of, 1 separating from family, 2 forging a healthy sexual identity, 3 preparing for the future, and 4 forging a moral value system.

All of these stages force teenagers to make decisions based on peer pressure. Unfortunately, the adolescents that live in the crime ridden inner-city this peer pressure often leads them to violent activities to survive the actions of their surroundings.

I agree with the author as teens are often confronted with multiple authority figures. Often, the reception is negative and condescending as with teachers and police.

Since this is such a large developmental stage for fostering independence, more emphasis should be placed on mentoring and encouraging growth. The same authority figures could give positive encouragement and guidance while still maintaining a safe environment for the community.

This would foster a healthy sense of support and safety for a class of individuals identified as being at risk. The author illustrates a startling number of statistics regarding violence, injuries, and death.

Domestic Violence among African Americans Essay Example for Free

Instatistics from the FBI revealed for young males between the ages of4, died of homicide. This worked out to a homicide rate of The homicide rate for young black males in this age bracket was a staggering This makes the homicide rate for young black men seven times more frequent than that for young white males.

Also, the homicide rate for young males in the United States was between 4 and 73 times that of any other industrialized nation. It is noted that in the homicides in the United States, firearms were used in three-quarters of those homicides.

Most homicide victims are poor. There is a strong social science correlation between poverty and violence. The community health approach to this epidemic of violence must include more than increased police control.

This approach must include an approach to change violent behavior. To do this the author suggests strategies to deal with anger and aggressive feelings. She advocates mobilization of the media to carry the message.

She also recommends utilizing the physician and the emergency room to network youths at risk into appropriate programs. I agree that an approach to deal with violence must be comprehensive and include multi-disciplines. A mass campaign to combat violence seems idealistic without the support of major community and religious leaders.

Therefore, I agree with the principles, but feel the first step must include community "buy-in" from those most able to lend political and financial assistance.

The author presents more data to support that young males in poverty are at great risk for dying violent deaths. From tothe CDC reports the murder rates of African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 rose by 68 percent.

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Those same rates for young African-American males between the ages of 15 and 19 rose percent! For further statistical information, see http: Much of this data was compiled after studying the Henry Morner and Robert Taylor housing projects.

Chronic poverty is being passed from generation to generation much like a genetic disease.Cultural competence continues to receive limited attention in domestic violence service provision from research to the evaluation of programs.

Domestic violence among african americans essay

Relevance to African Americans. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 20, Examining patterns of vulnerability to domestic violence among African American women.

Violence Against Women, 6, This article discusses intimate partner violence (IPV) as a major public health issue for women, in particular, African American women. The intersection of IPV and institutional racism doubly victimizes African American women as they try to break out of the cycle of violence.

Domestic violence among african americans essay

Essay Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions.

It is a problem without frontiers. Welcome to the Youth Initiative. between two and fifteen percent of victims of all ages ever receive any victim assistance, 16 and another indicates that among African American victims, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence: ), Ibid.

Voisin. The authors have identified two false inferences regarding violence and blacks: 1) that black violence is part of a general tendency for blacks to commit violent crimes and 2) that crime rates are higher in the United States as compared to other industrialized nations due to .

The Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC) was formed in , when a group of scholars and practitioners informally met to discuss the plight of the African-American community in the area of domestic violence.

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