Cory arcangel

Early life[ edit ] Arcangel grew up in BuffaloNew York and attended the Nichols Schoolwhere he was a star lacrosse goalie. He was very interested in guitarpracticing eight hours a day by the time he turned seventeen. He studied classical guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Musicbut later switched to major in the technology of music, graduating in

Cory arcangel

In the early s, Sherrie Levine tore twenty pages from a book of watercolors by J. Turner, signed them, framed them, and showed them in a London gallery. It comes down to medium and quantity; you start with materials that are worthless and easily obtainable, and you end with something solid, scarce, signed.

Put another way, you could not print a Twitter feed and sell it. But a book of retweets, out from a legitimate publishing house, with a few simple drawings thrown in—that you might Cory arcangel off.

The original project was a Twitter feed maintained, in good appropriationist fashion, by a web crawler. In March ofArtforum invited Arcangel to describe the work on its website.

I love these situations. The transposition of the piece from a mean-spirited joke on its subjects to a meditation about creation had two results: It gave buyers permission to consume it without feeling guilty, and it transformed the project from a near-forgotten work of net art into an au courant literary object, Cory arcangel that demanded solemn consideration from critics.

The websites of the New Yorker and the Paris Review devoted a few thousand words to reviewing it, and other outlets followed their lead. Vice, Vogue, NPR—once you begin web crawling, it seems that everyone has come away with a favorable impression of this little book. Meanwhile, Artforum ignores it.

What is clever about publishing retweets on paper is not simply that their absurdity deepens upon repetition, which is already what happens when you publish retweets on Twitter.

That Arcangel has always worked with Jurassic technology, like old video games, only increases the irony: With Working, Arcangel has created a kind of Archimedean point of literary anxiety: All without doing any work himself.

The practice of making art without working to make art has recently concerned certain art critics. Vidokle found the inclusion troubling.

Cory arcangel

A few emails, a contract, a modest first printing, the hope of a spot at the Urban Outfitters table. Nor does it imply that Arcangel is unnecessary to the project. In fact the opposite is true: The authors of the tweets in Working have none of these things.

And this, despite the reluctance of critics to admit it, has been the joke all along. Arcangel told Vice that he selected these tweets from a spreadsheet containing more than a thousand, so it seems fair to ascribe a measure of intention to the references.

Cory arcangel

His disapproval rightly became a bit of found schadenfreude on Twitter. Television, radio, the Broadway musical, movies, Top 40—every sort of entertainment appears in the tweets in Working. The only author whose name appears, Nicholas Sparks, is mentioned as a moviemaker, not a writer.

Fifty Shades of Grey makes a cameo, and East of Eden. Here is a universe of people who want to write books but do not read them, who want to produce what they do not know how to consume.

For them, novel-writing has become what novel-reading was from the nineteenth through the middle twentieth century: But then, anything sells. To make an object worthy of your uncommodified hours, someone, somewhere, has to do some fucking work. Jesse Barron is an assistant editor at Harper's.Through techniques of hacking, manipulating, recycling, and reconfiguring, Cory Arcangel turns the intersection of technology and culture into materials for making ashio-midori.comality: American.

Cory Arcangel Cory Arcangel (b. , Buffalo, New York) is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist who works with many different media including drawing, music, video, performance, and video.

Welcome 2 my Youtube "channel". CORY ARCANGEL - LP 24 DANCES FOR THE ELECTRIC PIANO Arcangel Surfware Views: K. Cory Arcangel is a computer programmer, composer, and artist living in New York.

His fine art work has appeared in solo shows at such venues as the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina, Asymmetrical Response (installation view), Western Front, Photo by Maegan Hill-­Carroll. [1] Whenever this work is shown, a set is commissioned by the institution to a local DJ and performed before an audience.

Cory Arcangel is an artist who works in a variety of different mediums, including drawing, print, video, performance, and video game modifications.

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