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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Kung and Hahn hope viewers and listeners can get a glimpse of this unique slice of the Asian-American experience while also acknowledging the very real bigotry the community has faced.

Americans kung

Concept[ edit ] The Americans, a period piece set during the Reagan administrationwas outlined by series creator Joe Weisberga former CIA officer. The story picks up in the early s.

International relations is just an allegory for the human relations.

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For Philip and Elizabeth, it often is. The job is one element, and trying to depict the issues they face just seemed like something that, if we could bring it to television in a realistic way, would be new. I was totally joining the CIA because I wanted to be a spy.

But the second they asked that question An obvious way to remedy that for television was to stick it back in the Cold War. I always say no to everything.

I never want to do anything. You just get to do everything. You get to do the kung fuand you get to do the emotional scenes, you get to do the disguises. Landgraf, who did not know Weisberg but liked the series, suggested to Weisberg that he work alongside Joel Fields as co-showrunner and the other head writer.

Joe Weisberg explained that achieving believable Russian pronunciation was very important because the show was "so much centered on the world of the Russian Russians and the Russian illegals".

Other actors mastered their lines to sound almost native. In particular, Peter von Berg, who played Vasili Nikolayevich, has experience with Russian plays and was an accent coach.

General Zhukov was played by a Polish actor. Annet Mahendru, who played Nina, has a Russian mother and speaks six languages. Mahendru praised Matthew Rhys for his efforts in delivering a few phrases in Russian, adding: You will invariably build a real person.

The production used location shots to simulate a dramatic setting of Washington, D. Early filming was delayed by flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. In scenes taking place inside the Soviet embassythe characters address each other in a familiar but respectful mannerusing given name and patronymicwithout mentioning surnames.

Although loyal to his cause, Philip holds little animosity towards the United States. Philip is close friends with Stan Beeman. Dylan Baker as William Crandall season 4a biochemical warfare scientist.

Karen Pittman as Lisa seasons 2—4a Northrop employee from whom Elizabeth is gleaning information.MODERN ERA During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries increasingly smaller oligarchies came to power in the Swiss cantons but were overthrown in in the wake of the French Revolution.

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Americans kung

For over 12 years, First Master Feng has taught martial arts to the residents of Houston and Sugar Land. In , Second Master Feng joined alongside First Master in teaching kung . Everybody was kung-fu fighting Those kicks were fast as lightning In fact it was a little bit frightening But they fought with expert timing They were funky China men from funky Chinatown.

A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library: This is a static page that is no longer maintained. Reference Works. The Image of African Americans in Film and TV.

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